Should Palestinians Abandon the Two State Solution

Event Description: Many analysts believe that the two-state solution is now impossible to achieve, with some demanding a movement away from this solution first espoused by the PLO. In this forum moderated by Diana Buttu we discussed the core issues related to this most compelling topic.

Location: Birzeit University- Abu Lughod Institute of International Studies Building

Time: 1:00 PM Local Time

Date: Saturday, September 29, 2012


Moderator: Diana Buttu, Palestinian-Canadian lawyer and former spokesperson with the Palestine Liberation Organization.                           


Panelist: Dr. Majid Shihade, Faculty member at Abu-Lughod for International Studies, Birzeit University.

Panelist: Ibrahim Shikaki, Economic researcher in the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) resource center at Diakonia office in Jerusalem.


Panelist: Ammar Hijazi, Representative of Fatah Foreign Relations Commission.

Panelist: Dr. Uri Davis, Member of Fatah Revolutionary Council and Palestine National Council.

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