Washington Weekly

Appealing to the Millennial Vote

How will candidates appeal to Millennials in the midterm elections? 

Political Game Changers

What do Millennials feel about the tensions between the USA & Russia? 

Change for the New Year

We finish off the year by examining the Federal budget deal, talking with one of DC's most innovative companies, and taking the time to remember the late Nelson Mandela. 

Your Voice is Heard

This week we talk with undocumented immigrants in D.C., Native Americans, and those challenging government and corporate corruption to learn what they have to say about crises in their communities. 

Back to Business

We start off 2014 by focusing on Millennials' dissatisfaction with Congress, and the substantial glitches plaguing the Affordable Care Act's website. 

A Stalled Nation

Millennials are concerned about Congress' overall performance and they are curious to see how the Affordable Care Act will progress when it goes live.