About Global Voice Hall

Global Voice Hall (GVH) is a web based media startup that targets Millennials; built to provide a platform for open discussions while creating global communication and understanding through its live events and original programming. GVH produces town hall styled events on the grounds of universities with open discussions about the latest developments and analysis on trending news topics being discussed on social media and news outlets. GVH is a proud member of 1776 DC and Start up America Partnership.



Pangaea is GVH's original flagship feature program, held on the grounds of universities and produced as a town hall style event. This interactive event is videotaped in front of a live audience and features a panel of distinguished guests who engage in open discussions on trending news topics.


Washington Weekly

U.S. politics through the eyes of the nation’s youth is a groundbreaking news magazine-styled show targeting 18 - 30 year olds covering trending political, social, and economic topics in a non-partisan manner to deliver clear and relevant news stories to the nation’s youth.


GVH Live

GVH Live is the video production, post production and graphic animation department of Global Voice Hall specializing in producing engaging open discussions, documentaries, and a diverse aray of Millennial focused programming.